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Photography Courses Singapore

complete-photo-courseDo you love taking photos but find your photos lacking that Wow! factor? 

Do you have a great camera but struggle to make the most of its many features? 

We’ve got just the Program for you!

The Complete Digital Photography Course covers the essential camera and creative skills every photographer should know, from creative composition techniques to working with light, controlling the camera, choosing lenses, shooting on a tripod, mastering flash, adapting your shooting style for a wide range of subjects including still life, street scenes, sports, people, landscapes, night scenes, and so much more.

Plus, you’ll learn how to give your photos a high-class, professional finish in the digital darkroom and how to efficiently manage your photo library.By the end of this course you’ll be able to:

    • Take amazing photos whenever you whip out your camera
    • Confidently and quickly use all those sophisticated buttons and camera functions
    • Artfully employ light and shadow to show off your subject at its best
    • Capture pin-sharp, perfectly-exposed moments every time
    • Wow your friends and family with your stunning compositions and creative framing techniques

Duration: 8 x 3Hr Workshops
Experience Required: No experience necessary.  Suitable for complete Beginners as well as those who are self-taught or need a refresher.
Gear Required: Any Digital Camera with the Program & Aperture Priority Modes (all brands welcome) BOOK NOW!



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