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Client feedback is extremely important to us and we’d like to express our sincerest thanks to all those who’ve taken the time to send us encouraging words & feedback.

Your comments keep inspiring us every day!

“Absolutely fantastic! I’m coming back for more. Thanks Karen.”
H. Menon

“Loved the Beginners Course!  Great group of people, lovely location and Susan was brilliant!  Thank you!!”
K. Dewhirst

“I’ve already told all my friends that the Beginners Course is a ‘MUST’!  It’s very hands-on and Karen is very easy to understand.
Love her way of teaching. Will do as many courses with Baobab as possible!”
C. Bindseil

“Excellent course, excellent teacher – very inspirational.”
H. Bird

“A fun class.  Karen’s a great, enthusiastic teacher.”
S. Boehme

“Great Course.  Susan’s a wonderful teacher, very passionate and engaging.  She attended to each person in the group really well.”
J. Yule

“Really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, where you’re not afraid to ask questions.”
L.M. See

“Very knowledgeable instructors.  A fun and really informative course.  My knowledge improved 100 fold!”
A. Connors

“Fantastic, clear & concise teaching.  Very approachable teachers. Great content & location.”
D. Hill

“Great teacher – techniques and functions were very well explained. Great course. I’d highly recommend it.”
B. Baldry

“Thanks for giving me many missing pieces to my puzzle of photography.  I look forward to joining you on future events.”
K. Harding

“Really enjoyed the lessons – good mix of theory and practical exercises! Good support when taking photos in the practical exercises.”
C. Rathbone

“Very useful class, explanation of the camera functions excellent and easy to understand.
Very, very nice way of teaching… Karen is a great personality!”
S. Brandt

“I absolutely loved the course. I was inspired by our instructor Susan as well as my fellow course participants. Thank you!”
K. Orlowski

“I’ve already told all my friends that the Beginners Course is a ‘MUST’!  It’s very hands-on and Karen is very easy to understand.
Love her way of teaching. Will do as many courses with Baobab as possible!
C. Bindseil

“Thanks for a great course!”
M. Haenseler

“Just had to send you a note to let you know the photograghy skillls gained on your course have enriched my life with beautiful captured moments. My son is playing American Football and I have taken hundreds of great photos. I look at the pictures and I can see the intensity of the sport in their faces and their actions. We as a family are enjoying the photos and so are the other players. I sit for hours and look back at all the pictures and always think of how fortunate I am to have met you.”
L. Kimball

“Your lesson yesterday was awesome – you’re such a great teacher.
A subject that was previously a mystery to me is now clear! Thanks for a great class.”
C. Lord

” I have learned so much on the course – thank you. It was exactly what I was looking for.”
T. Dibb

“The instructor’s knowledge and skills are great and her enthusiasm was very inspiring.
Content is very useful and it’s great to move off Auto.”
B. Phelps

“Thank you for a very well-throughtout trip. I had a wonderful weekend, felt very looked-after and all my needs were met in terms of improving my photography and experiencing the wonders of Angkor for the first time. Travelling with such a great bunch of people made the trip extra memorable.”
J. Yeoman

“Fantastic tour! It was great to have you next to us teaching us how to shoot on the spot. I learned what the pros look at when they’re photographing! And the review sessions every night when we could view the photos taken by our peers, was very helpful. Thank you!”
K. Parkinson

“Great tour – would recommend it to anyone. Learned so much from the hands-on tuition – far more than from any book!
Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm!”
Z. McGee

“Fantastic Tour!”
F. Gnielinski

“Just a note of thanks as we have just returned from climbing Mt Kinabalu
and have taken some magic shots thanks to your course.”
L. Wrightson

“Thursday night’s lesson was fantastic, I came home excited for all the practical things we learned from you.
This is just what I was looking for. Thanks and looking forward to the next lesson. ”
N. Salazar

“Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed it today.
I learned some really useful stuff and am looking forward to practising this week.
It was great to christen my Manual focus button and dials – a mere 4 years after buying the camera!”
G. Darbyshire

“I really enjoyed the course, in particular the practical exercises.”
I. Lambeth

Fantastic class – feel enthused!  It exceeded my expectations and I’m keen to do the next one.”
S. Anderson

“Thank you for a great class.”
R. Harvey

“Susan is a very good and easy to listed to teacher.”
A. Croucher

“Very well prepared with good examples. Keep the spirit like today, it has been very nice.”
B. Jacobsen

“The course was exactly what it promised to be and I found it very informative, very useful and very enjoyable.  Susan was fabulous – Thank You!  Can’t wait for the next one!”H. Grout

“Excellent!! I will be able to compose and frame my photos much better now!!”
Y. Jacobson

“I have been enjoying my camera a lot more since your class – Thanks a lot!!”
M. Han

“Very interesting and useful course. I liked the personal touch of editing and critiquing our own photos in a group.”
S. Szpojnarowicz

“Lovely small group; very clear instructions.”
C. Power

“The trainer very friendly and approachable.”
S. Bhushan

“Loved the evening – excited to start experimenting tomorrow.”
M. O’Connor

“Excellent workshop and teacher. Good pace. Practical.”
T. Tarpey

“Well-organised session. I learned a lot and will continue to practice the skills I learned.”
S. Hong

“Excellent course – l learned a lot.”
P. Watson

“Great. Really enjoyable and approachable environment to learn in a hands-on manner.”
C. Meijer

“Really well organised and paced and the atmosphere was very relaxed.”
H. Dabysing

“I really enjoyed the evening this week. In fact, I went home and tried the tips you showed in the digitial dark room.
Even with the software I have I was able to improve the skiiing picture I showed.
Thanks a lot – this has definitely improved my digital photography results!!”
P. Martin

“Thanks for the interesting workshop last night.
My husband and I thought it was wonderful and it has inspired us to be better photographers!”
L. Waterhouse

“Very well prepared, paced and presented. Very clear explanations.”
K. Warnecke

“Thanks Karen! The night was informative and direct. Great for beginners.”
S. Lawson

“Well organised and a good size group.”
V. Maree

“Brilliant presentation; the way you spoke was clear, precise and to the point.”
A. Edwards

“Thank you for the great explanation and sharing of examples.”
A. Ariens

“Thanks for an excellent evening.
I feel really inspired to get out there and take photos and feel a lot less intimidated by my camera now.”
G. Darbyshire

“Thanks for the wonderful time, suggestions, recommendations and advice on Saturday’s outing to Haw Par Villa. It was such an enjoyable time and it did improve my photo taking especially on the composition and lighting issue as were advised by you. Once again, thank you so much. Looking forward for the next course available.”
N. Blaydes

“It was a great excursion and as usual the teacher was brilliant.”
Dr Q. Zaidi

“Fantasic; learned lots about my camera giving me more confidence to shoot.”
D. Shapiro

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