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60 Upper Weld Road, SINGAPORE

Cambodia Photography Tour – Feb 2014

“I’ve toured the temples of Angkor and its nearby lake communities nine times in the past 7 years and continue to be wowed by the magnificence of the temples and the warmth and good-naturedness of the Khmer people.  I’ve fallen in love with Cambodia and was so excited when I lead my first Photography Tour there in 2011.  It’s been amazing  guiding other photographers to the best shooting spots and helping them grow their creativity and camera skills in such a special setting.  We all love traveling and we all love photography…. and we’ve all been touched in a special way by our experiences in Angkor.

This Photo Book tells the story of our most recent tour in Feb 2014 and showcases a selection of the best photos from all our participants.  Well done to these photographers for their excellent work!”  Karen Lucas