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60 Upper Weld Road, SINGAPORE

Bhutan Photography Tour – April 2014

“In April 2014 we had a very interesting first tour to Bhutan, the last Himalayan Kingdom, with guest photographer Mark Stennett. Our warmest thanks to Mark and Ravens Treks and Tours for planning a great itinerary taking in Bhutan’s most iconic sights and catching the elaborate and colourful Paro Festival.

Our group of photographers had an excellent variety of subjects to photograph including landscapes, temples, action, portraits, street scenes, village life, night scenes, and more. We were all wowed by how well most Bhutanese spoke English and it was great to be able to chat with the monks and passersby.

The lack of mass tourism in this unique country was a joy to experience and we’ll definitely be going again next year!

Thanks very much to the participants who contributed their photos to make this book.  Well done everyone – fantastic shots!”  Karen Lucas