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60 Upper Weld Road, SINGAPORE

The inspiration behind Singapore’s original Baobab Tree Studio

Baobab Tree Photography Studio

In 2007 Zimbabwean-born Karen Lucas created Baobab Photography, Singapore’s original Baobab Tree Studio, as a tribute to her heritage and the strong family values instilled in her during her childhood in Africa.

For Karen, the unique Baobab Tree, native in her home country, is a beautiful and sentimental symbol of Growth, Family, Guardianship, Strength, Uniqueness and Courage and inspired her to name her Photography Studio Baobab.

This is the story of Africa’s Baobab Tree…

In Bushman mythology the baobab (pronounced bayohbab) is considered a magical tree.

Legend has it that the Bushman god Thora disliked the Baobab tree growing in his garden, so he threw it out over the wall of Paradise to Earth below.  Although the tree landed upside-down it continued to grow.  There is no other tree like it – its spreading branches give the appearance of roots sticking up in the air and its trunk is smooth and shiny, not at all like the bark of other trees.

One ancient, hollow Baobab tree in Karen’s homeland, Zimbabwe, is so big that 40 people can shelter in its trunk. Various Baobab trees have been used as a shop, prison, house, storage barn and bus shelter.

A baby Baobab tree looks very different from its adult form and this is why the Bushmen believe that it doesn’t grow like other trees, but suddenly crashes to the ground with a thump and appears fully grown, like magic.

This story inspired Karen to name her Portrait Studio and Photography School after the Baobab Tree,

As photographers, we too create magic from nothing, with just the click of a shutter button and we’re able to freeze moments and capture memories that will stand the test of time, just like the almighty Baobab.

Karen Lucas, FOUNDER