Client Feedback

Client feedback is extremely important to us and we’d like to express our sincerest thanks to all those who’ve taken
the time to send us encouraging words and feedback.  Your comments keep inspiring us every day!

“You cannot imagine how many times we have gone through the slideshow you created with our photographs! They are just lovely!!! We have also shared them with our families, and I have to tell you, many happy tears were shed.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating such wonderful memories for us!”
L. Constant

“The whole Gnielinski family enjoyed the portrait session with you very much and says a big THANK YOU! We are very happy with the pictures and are sure that Oma & Opa will enjoy and appreciate them as much as we do. They are a lifetime memory and it’s wonderful to have Greta “captured” in this very special time. Thanks again and all the best.”
D. Gnielinski

“Many thanks again for the beautiful school photos. Same goes for the previous year’s photos too. You really have the magic to capture the kids at their best. I have no idea how to get that lovely smile from Maggie on camera, but you did it!”
C. Wang-Yong

“”The photos are fantastic! We really enjoyed shooting with you. You brought out the best in us at your photo shoot and your skills at handling our 5 year old are truly appreciated!  Thank You!”
S. Chaudhari

“You did an amazing job, we love all the photos!  You have captured Celeste as we know her. Thanks again!”
L. Marsh

“Thanks again for a great session and all the fantastic photos you took of the kids!”
A. Ellingson

“The photos are just fantastic, such a wonderful memory of a special time. Thanks again.”
K. Tyson

“I love the photo sessions with Karen.  She brings out the best in all of us.”
C. Bjorn

“Fabulous photography team!  Our session was relaxed, informal and everything was tailored to our needs.  We love our amazing photos and beautiful canvas montage.”
A. Hoyle

“The pictures are really, really beautiful. I’ve already looked at them so many times.  Thanks so much.”
I. Jenssen

“I LOVE THE PHOTOS! Thanks heaps!”
M. Murray

“Thanks so much Karen. The pictures are phenomenal!”
S. Perry

“The photos look fantastic. Thank you again for a fun day and for such quality work.”
D. Custard

“Thank you so much for the photos – I love them!”
C. Bjorn

“Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures.  They are great, just fantastic!
N. Cavalli

“I’ve emailed the photos to friends and their responses have been fantastic!
Thanks again for the lovely photos you’ve taken of me and my boys.”
A. Jensen

“Wow, the pictures turned out great!”
K. Grimm

“Thank you – the pictures are gorgeous.”
N. Randhawa-Singh

“Thank you so much, the photos are brillant.  We are so happy with them.”
N. Johnson

“Many Thanks , we LOVE the pictures.”
S. Balfour

“Thanks for the photos – they’re lovely.”
L. O’Toole

“The photos look great. Thank you for capturing my children so beautifully.”
B. Cooper

“Thanks for an enjoyable experience and some absolutely gorgeous photos. We will be recommending you!”
G. McConnell

“The pictures are lovely, thanks so much Karen.”
K. Egan

“Thanks a lot for the great pics – we’re really happy with them! My parents will love them too, I am sure!”
T. Luyer

“The photos look FAB – thank you once again.”
A. Wood

“I would like to thank you for the fantastic photo session.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did Jack. I will treasure the pictures forever. They are very natural and really capture the moment. It was a fun session and I hardly realized you were snapping away most of the time as I was so relaxed and enjoyed spending time with Jack. Thank you for making us feel relaxed and making us look so beautiful.”
A. Lane

“Thanks for the lovely photos.”
Y.F. Wong

“Oh my goodness, the photos are gorgeous! Thanks a lot Karen.”
A. Cosse

“The pictures are beautiful!! Thank you!”
H. Bakker Kingman

“Thanks for the pictures. They look great. I have the one of “my boys” sitting on my desk at work right now, and I smile every time I look at it.”
R. Sanda

“BIG, BIG thankyou for the beautiful photos!!”
K. Tyson

“Thank you for the photos, they have really turned out well. When my son looked at the black and white family photo his comment was, ‘this is a perfect Kodak moment’.”
T. Dibb

“Thank you Karen for the lovely photos . I showed them over a dinner with our family during Christmas and everyone thought they were great ”
P. Lim

“The photos are really great. Many thanks.”
R. Baan

“Thanks for being such a GREAT photographer and trying so hard to make me look good!  Everyone loved the pictures; John was floored!”
S. Tan

“Thank you so much for the fantastic pictures! We just love that close-up one of Charlotte.”
K. Yates

“Thanks Karen for the nice shoot and all the wonderful photos!! You did a great job!!”
M. Fagernes

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