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STUDIO: Bedok South, Singapore

About Us

Established in 2007, Baobab Photo comprises three divisions:  Family Portrait Photography, Corporate Portrait Photography and the Photography School for Adults.
Founder and Creative Director Karen Lucas has trained with some of the top American and British photographers, bringing an international flavour to her distinct portrait style.  Karen is an award-winning photographer whose photos have  featured in leading publications such as Straits Times, Expat Living, Impulse and Tattler.  Her works have been exhibited at the Affordable Photo Fair and Asian Geographic One Asia festival, she’s been a guest judge for a number of National Photo Competitions, and she was an Instructor at the Canon Imaging Academy.


How do we capture spontaneous smiles and laughter?
We make the sessions fun and interactive both for adults and children and we encourage families to do what comes naturally.  We smile and laugh a lot, a product of doing a job we adore, and we have endless amounts of patience so the whole family can relax and enjoy the session – don’t worry, we’ll get the shot!
Karen Lucas

Karen Lucas

Karen Lucas

Creative Director